GemKom Co-founder and CEO Regina

Celebrating Innovation in Style

In a break from the rainy weather, BridgePoint Group’s 2021 Innovation Award luncheon was celebrated in style at Sails Restaurant, Lavender Bay. The day was sunny, the conversation cheery and the atmosphere matched the guests enthusiasm. Awards were handed out to our winners and a beautiful lunch was enjoyed by all.

The day reinforced why BridgePoint Group loves to support Innovation.

The stories from Regina Komka GemKom (Co-Founder and CEO) and Abdullah Ramay (CEO) Pablo and Rusty’s Coffee Roasters were intriguing. They have faced the dilemmas, dramas and hard times that every business faces at some stage or another. Their resilience in facing (and conquering) adversity is a testament to their businesses success.

While a pressing business launch prevented Andi Health‘s CEO Luke Grana from attending the lunch, he was very happy to accept his award at BridgePoint Group’s North Sydney office.

Innovation Never Stops

The search is on again in 2022 for businesses that show remarkable innovation in 2022. If you would like further information about BridgePoint Group’s Innovation Awards or any advice regarding the various government grants in place helping businesses innovate, then please call Allan Baghdasarayan on 0418 957 003 or email

We look forward to celebrating more outstanding innovations in 2022!


GemKom Co-founder and CEO Regina
GemKom Co-founder and CEO Regina Komkha receives the 2021 Award for Best Innovation from a Start- Up, flanked by Alan Baghdasarayan and Mitchell Turnbull from BridgePoint Group.



Pablo & Rusty CEO Abdullah Ramay
Alan Baghdasarayan (Innovation Advisory – BridgePoint Group), Abdullah Ramay (Pablo & Rusty’s) and Mitchell Turnbull (BridgePoint Group Partner).
ANDI Health CEO Luke
Luke Grana, Andi Health CEO, accepts the Best Innovation from a Small Business Award from Mitchell Turnbull (BridgePoint Group Partner) and Alan Baghdasarayan (Innovation Advisory – BridgePoint Group).
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