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Meet the most innovative companies of 2023

It’s time to celebrate the most innovative Australian companies of the year and acknowledge the minds behind the best business ideas of 2023 through The BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards.

The purpose of this award is to encourage Australian businesses that are developing innovative products, services, and business models and to recognise the people behind those businesses. Once again, hundreds of companies participated in the BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards.

With the challenging task of selecting the best ideas, the panel of judge composed of Tony Shaw, Partner Patent Attorney at Allens Linklaters,  Marco Tallarida, Strategic Director of B. Product, and Alan Baghdasarayan, Government Grants & Incentives Director at BridgePoint Group, nominated 22 finalist from various industries.

After weeks of analysing each one of them in depth and ranking their technical merit, commercial appeal, and social good, it’s time to announce the winners of the 2023 edition. The winners are divided into three categories: Start-Up, Small Business, and Established Business. The winners of the BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards 2023 are:

FreshChain, for improving food safety and reduces waste in the supply chain. Congratulations to Greg Calvert and the FreshChain team.

Ryefield Hops for supplying sustainable hops to craft beer producers. Congratulations to Karen Taylor and the Ryefield Hops team.

Dental99, for providing affordable dental care for all Australians. Congratulations to Gamer Verdian and the Dental99 team.

If you’re a business showing remarkable innovation and want to find out how your business can benefit from an innovative standpoint and all the tax incentives it can be granted with then please reach out to Alan Baghdasarayan, Government Grants & Incentives Director who will provide a free 30-minute consultation.

We can’t wait to celebrate more outstanding innovations in 2024.

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