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Did you know that you can outsource some or all of the role of the company secretary? We provide corporate governance, regulatory and statutory compliance with transparency and accountability so you can focus on business.

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Governance to navigate the complexity of business operations.

Let us handle all your corporate secretarial requirements to ensure that your company remains fully compliant with its obligations. From company registration, maintenance, and annual compliance filings to shareholder management and board meeting support, our comprehensive service allows you to focus on your core business activities while entrusting us to manage your corporate administration.

How it Works


Needs Assessment:

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your business to understand the immediate and ongoing corporate secretarial needs you may have. We seek a clear picture of the current corporate structure, the purpose of each entity, your business operations and any specific regulatory requirements that may apply. This step involves understanding your industry, reviewing any earlier advice you may have received, discussing your business goals, family tree and attitude to risk.


Immediate needs:

We apply our unique structuring principles framework to identify the ideal structure for you, considering all of the circumstances that apply. Sometimes, no changes are necessary or desirable. Where changes are recommended, we will outline what they are, the benefits they bring and the process and costs to undertake those changes.


Ongoing needs:

Corporate structures require routine maintenance and it is this piece that can often be neglected or seen as unimportant. It is only when disputes arise or you look to sell the business that the value of good governance becomes apparent. This step is designed to identify how ASIC lodgements, creation, execution and filing of corporate records will be handled.


Service Agreement:

We document our engagement, including the scope of services, pricing, timelines, and any specific terms and conditions. We understand that your business may evolve, so we remain responsive to your changing requirements, allowing for adjustments when necessary.


Efficient Execution:

This step is the execution of the services we have agreed to provide.


Regular Communication:

Our team maintains strong two-way communication to stay informed about any alterations in your business, ensuring that your corporate secretarial services remain aligned with your evolving needs.

Why BridgePoint Group?

Broad Capabilities

We have a diverse team of highly trained experts selected to support every stage of your business journey.

Commercial Acumen

We understand the drivers of your success and help you to tackle the things that make the difference.​


We partner with our clients with an owner's mentality.​

Unique Method

We employ a team-based, cross-functional approach to ensure you get the full benefit of our collective ability.

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