Doing business in Australia

Thinking of doing business in Australia? We assist overseas headquartered companies to achieve a smooth entry into the Australian market whilst carefully navigating the complexities of Australia’s legal, regulatory and commercial environment.

What you need to know about doing business in Australia.

We answer your specific questions and tell you what else you might need to know, so you can enter the Australian market with confidence. We offer a comprehensive solution and guide you to make informed decisions from the start - from local representation, corporate structuring and tax advice, employing and remunerating staff, maintaining systems of control and internal reporting and legal advice in respect of all relevant State and Federal laws.

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How it Works



At the discovery stage, we seek a comprehensive understanding of your intentions for the Australian part of your business and how that fits in with your worldwide operations. That helps us to scope only the things that are relevant to you.



We scope the advice and services that best fit your situation. These are typically broken into two components – one off tasks and recurring tasks. We propose timing, fees, terms and conditions which if acceptable to you, inform the action stages that follow.


Getting going.

Quickly getting going in Australia is a common requirement and it can all happen in 2-3 days. We will advise you about the most appropriate corporate structure (if any) for the Australian operation. We will set up the structure, ensure all relevant registrations are complete and all other pre-trading legal obligations are met. Local company directorship is available, as is assistance to set up a local bank account or accounts. We can help you to select and set up an Australia-ready accounting package that fits with your reporting requirements.



Once you get going, the next phase is to build and maintain success. Typical examples of our services include management of the end-to-end finance function, bookkeeping, payroll, superannuation, reporting, directorship, accessing government grants and incentives, tax advice, legal advice, corporate secretarial services, tax reporting and ASIC reporting.



Ours is a relationship-based business and we know that we are often your eyes and ears on the ground. Regular communication brings peace of mind and regular online meetings are a part of the experience. Meantime, we make sure that if something changes, you can rely on us to bring it to your attention.

Why BridgePoint Group?

Broad Capabilities

We have a diverse team of highly trained experts selected to support every stage of your business journey.

Commercial Acumen

We understand the drivers of your success and help you to tackle the things that make the difference.​


We partner with our clients with an owner's mentality.​

Unique Method

We employ a team-based, cross-functional approach to ensure you get the full benefit of our collective ability.


What our clients say about us

If you are thinking about doing business in Australia, you must really know your obligations and the opportunities. BridgePoint Group has been a key part of our team in Australia since the beginning. We rely on them to keep us informed and we engage them for all of our needs across accounting, tax, legal and government grants and incentives work. We have a great relationship with the team and recommend them highly.

Henk Pretorius

Director, Airdocs Global

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