Management Reporting

Good management reporting turns raw data into easy to read, easy to understand and practical information and insights. Great management reporting facilitates the decisions and actions that drive your business forward sooner.

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We convert data into actionable information

Ever had your bookkeeper dump the P&L and Balance Sheet on your desk at month end and you think “So what?” That’s because such highly aggregated data doesn’t tell you what you should do. Our management reporting lets you see at a glance how your business is performing and exactly what needs to be done to get a better result.

How it Works


Understanding your business.

We research your industry, discuss your business operations, your goals and the things you measure now. This helps us to identify the information you need to make good decisions sooner.


Scoping engagement.

We co-create the scope – how will we access data, what will be included in your reports, how will that information be presented and to whom, how often we will meet to discuss your results.



We agree and document the scope, pricing, timing, terms and conditions with you. Of course, no business stands still so this will always remain responsive to your needs. As your needs evolve, we recognise that a new scope and agreement may be appropriate.



This is all about delivering the value that comes from turning data into information, wrapping it up in knowledge and wisdom and creating the confidence you need to make good decisions sooner.


Ongoing communication.

Strong two-way communication is key for this work. No business is static, things change and that can impact your information needs and ultimate decision-making.

Why BridgePoint Group?

Broad Capabilities

We have a diverse team of highly trained experts selected to support every stage of your business journey.

Commercial Acumen

We understand the drivers of your success and help you to tackle the things that make the difference.​


We partner with our clients with an owner's mentality.​

Unique Method

We employ a team-based, cross-functional approach to ensure you get the full benefit of our collective ability.

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