Our client is a complex network specialist, providing 24/7 configuration, monitoring, security and documentation services. At its core, our client is a premium provider of guest internet solutions to the hospitality industry.

Since 2001, our client has designed, built, configured, and managed hotel networks for all the major hotel brands. Currently, it operates over 550+ hotels across 30 countries.

Our client was referred to BridgePoint Group Innovation Advisory from an accountant. After an initial meeting, we understood the client’s need for increased cash flow, an area of interest for all SMEs in particular.

In understanding our client’s business operations and group structure, we quickly realised that it was conducting R&D projects out of both Australia and New Zealand.

We quickly realised that there was an opportunity to claim the newly formed R&D Tax Incentive in NZ for its New Zealand-based team.

As such, we worked closely with the team along with their New Zealand tax accountants to apply for the New Zealand R&D Tax Incentive

This involved us preparing and lodging an application for General Approval with Callaghan, as well as us assisting in calculating the eligible R&D expenditure and associated credit for disclosure to Inland Revenue. We also helped in substantiating the New Zealand R&DTI claim, a critical step in being able to secure the whole R&D credit for which we had applied.

This has resulted in a dynamic situation. Not only is our client able to claim the Australian R&D Tax Incentive for its Australian-based engineering team conducting projects, but it is also able to claim the New Zealand R&D Tax Incentive for its New-Zealand-based team that conducts different projects.

As such, the client group enjoys significant R&D tax credits across the Trans-Tasman allowing it to boost its cash flow, reduce its tax burden, and accelerate both its innovation and commercialisation of new solutions.

If you would like to engage an R&D Tax Incentive specialist to determine whether or not your company qualifies for the R&D Tax Incentive then please reach out to Alan Baghdasarayan, Head of Innovation Advisory at BridgePoint Group. 

Or call 1300 656 141 who will provide a free 30-minute consultation.

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