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BridgePoint Group opens 2020 Innovation Awards

BridgePoint Group’s Innovation Awards celebrate Australian businesses. We highlight companies at the forefront of developing innovative products, services and business models.

The events of 2020 have strengthened our passion for supporting business innovation and growth. We’re pleased to announce the 2020 BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards.

Let’s look at this year’s nominees, revisit the success of a previous winner and our esteemed judging panel.

We are proud to announce the companies below as nominees for the 2020 BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards.

AIRDOCS, for helping deliver targeted communication.

AIRDOCS is an Australian global subscription cloud-based Customer Engagement Management platform. It helps businesses worldwide to deliver targeted customer communication at any time, from any location to any channel.

With AIRDOCS, a company doesn’t need any costly on-site licensed software or hardware. The platform is fully cloud-based and integrated with all the critical components of Customer Engagement Management used by large enterprises.

 Citotop, for switching the way we sit.

Citotop started its operations as a top-rated seller on eBay. Since then, Citotop has commenced a journey of R&D to bring to users its innovative Switch Chair.

The Switch Chair is a simple idea, but complex to engineer. Citotop aims to produce a completely modular chair. One that can have either the backrest or the seat flipped around. This provides the user with a different style of chair depending on the occasion.

 Nuggett & Charlie, for spreading happiness through luxury vegan skincare.

Nuggett & Charlie is an Australian owned and operated luxury organic vegan skincare provider. Founded by Nuggett McCabe, who has spent over 20 years researching and creating the fountain of youth, slowly developing her own skincare range made with natural, organic, vegan, botanical-based anti-aging ingredients to nurture, protect and beautify skin.

Nuggett & Charlie’s key is their Happiness range, which is designed to help people be healthy, happy and age gracefully.

TruTeq, your trusted wireless technology partner.

TruTeq is the technology supplier of choice for partners who want the best of breed technology to support their own products. They supply and support a number of LTE, 3G, 2G and CDMA Network Operators and a number of Banks around the world. Being privately-owned means TruTeq is customer-focused. That focus is backed by a long-term commitment to relationships and growth.

With an R&D niche in mobile fintech, its best of breed mobile banking platforms have allowed customers to utilise a technology that is scalable and easily deployable that is underpinned by TruTeq’s bespoke GAIN platform.

Poche, for engineering Australia by providing exceptional quality and service. 

 Poche has been around for over 82 years, and prides itself on providing exceptional quality and service. Specialising in computer numerical control turning and milling, Poche works within induction hardening, general machining, welding and fabrication industries.

Poche proudly manufactures parts for the mining, agricultural, materials handling, rail, aeronautical and marine industries. Located across 3 sites, Poche has a team of 40 people that help Australia move forward.

The Oyster Shade, for lighting up Australia, brilliantly.

Are you tired of the ugly lights in your house? The Oyster Shade has come up with a brilliant solution. The solution is to help people redecorate oyster light fittings with a simple cosmetic fix. Using the existing oyster light as the base, the bespoke shade is simply clipped in at the ceiling rim using magnets. It attaches a new wireframe structure over the light with a shade of your choice. All this without the need for a single tool.

 The Oyster Shade is proud of its solution. The solution is technically complex to achieve from an engineering perspective.

We’re continuing to receive enquiries and applications for the Innovation Awards! Our judging panel will clearly have their work cut out this year.

For further information or to discuss nominating for the BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards, contact Alan Baghdasarayan, GOVERNMENT GRANTS & INCENTIVES DIRECTOR.


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