What Is Your Innovation Inspiration? 

For those of us who can remember it, Australia’s victory in the 1983 America’s Cup was a triumph over adversity inspired by innovation. Ben Lexcen’s winged keel placed innovation into the lexicon of everyday Australians. 

Australians by nature are an innovative lot. From our farmers relying on what’s available to them to fix a problem (fencing wire) through to the Hills hoist, Wi-Fi, the black box and the bionic ear to name just a few impressive innovations from the land down under. As a small nation, stuck down at the bottom end of the earth we can certainly punch above our weight. 

At BridgePoint Group, we recognise the importance of innovation through our Innovation Awards. The importance of a tweak that makes the ordinary extraordinary. Or the pivot that leads to an incredible opportunity. We love to call out innovation and shine the spotlight on it that it thoroughly deserves.

With that, we are kicking-off our third annual Innovation Awards in 2021.

The BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards recognises businesses that have not only survived the last 12 months but thrived. With lockdowns affecting many businesses, innovators have seen this change in market (and social) conditions as an opportunity. 

We look to recognise and congratulate businesses who embrace innovation at their core. We look to highlight their achievements, their innovations and the importance of a tweak that has made the ordinary extraordinary.

Expert Judging Panel

Our expert judging panel is the same as previous years, led by BridgePoint Group’s Alan Baghdasarayan, Head of the Innovation Advisory team. Alan will be joined by Marco Tallarida, Strategic Design Director at B.Product and Tony Shaw, Partner at Allens Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys.

The judging panel assess nominations based on the following criteria:

  • Technical Merit: What is being developed? How is it different from existing solutions?
  • Commercial Potential: What are the growth potential and target market for the company?
  • Social Good: How does the solution make a positive impact on society?

The panel also considers the extent to which each nominee has pushed the boundaries of new and innovative thinking, used new systems, materials, processes and/or technology in a clever, imaginative, or original manner.

Look out for further Innovation Award 2021 updates in the near future and follow our LinkedIn page for updates. 

You can enter your business by contacting Alan Baghdasarayan or calling BridgePoint Group on 1300 656 141 or Alan directly on 0418 957 003.

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