Please join us in congratulating the winners of the inaugural BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards

At BridgePoint Group, we’re passionate about supporting business innovation and growth.

The BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards are designed to recognise and celebrate Australian businesses that develop innovative products, services and business models.

The 2019 BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards winners are:

  • Best Innovation from an Established Business
     for revolutionising the treatment of cancer
  • Best Innovation from a Small Business
    24 Hour Positioning 
    for improving clients’ mobility and lifestyle
  • Best Innovation from a Start Up Business
    Searsmiths for providing ordinary Australians with extraordinary steaks

We would like to thank the many nominees who shared their business’ stories and their own passion for innovation. We’re genuinely excited by the standard of innovation and the breadth of new ideas and technologies being developed.

We are indebted to our judging panel for their expertise in assessing all Innovation Award nominations:

  • Tony Shaw – Principal Patent Attorney at international law firm Allens
  • Marco Tallarida – Strategic Director of design firm B. Product
  • Alan Baghdasarayan – Head of Innovation Advisory at BridgePoint Group

The panel assessed the nominations based on:

  • Technical Merit: What is being developed, and how is it different from existing solutions?
  • Commercial Potential: What is the growth potential and target market for the innovation?
  • Social Good: How does the solution make a positive impact on society?

The panel considered the extent to which each nominee:

  • pushes the boundaries of new and innovative thinking
  • uses new systems, materials, processes and/or technology in a clever, imaginative, or original manner

We look forward to a celebratory lunch with the inaugural BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards winners and sharing more about their innovation journey in the coming months.