BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards 2020 – Supporting Australian Business Innovation

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BridgePoint Groups Innovation Awards celebrate Australian businesses.

We highlight companies at the forefront of developing innovative products, services and business models. 

Our passion for supporting business innovation and growth has not stopped in 2020. The BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards are back. Let’s look at this year’s nominees, revisit the success of previous winners and our esteemed judging panel.   
Two companies that are nominees in BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards for 2020 are… 

AIRDOCS, for helping deliver targeted communication solutions for businesses, large or small. 

 What does AIRCDOCS do? 

AIRDOCS is an Australian global subscription cloud-based Customer Engagement Management platform that helps businesses worldwide deliver targeted customer communication at any time, from any location to any channel.

With AIRDOCS, a company doesn’t need any costly on-site licensed software or hardware, as the platform is fully cloud-based and integrated with all the critical components of Customer Engagement Management used by large enterprises.

“Every email, invoice or letter is part of a broader, ongoing conversation with your customer,” said Frik Botha, Business Development Director, AIRDOCS. “Delivering effective communications today is increasingly important no matter the size of your organisation.

Nuggett & Charlie, for spreading happiness

Nuggett & Charlie is an Australian owned and operated luxury organic vegan skincare provider. Founded by Nuggett McCabe, who has spent over 20 years researching and creating the fountain of youth. She has developed a skincare range made with natural, organic, vegan, botanical-based anti-aging ingredients that nurture, protect and beautify skin.

Nuggett & Charlie’s key is their Happiness range, which is designed to help people be healthy, happy and age gracefully.

“Happiness is being healthy, ageing gracefully, turning your dreams into a reality and doing what you love with passion.” Nuggett McCabe

Let’s see who the judges are and what criteria they assess.

The judging panel comes from a wide range of backgrounds. 

Here we introduce Tony Shaw who has been a judge on the Innovation Awards for the past 2 years.

Tony Shaw – Principal Patent Attorney at international law firm Allens. Tony specialises in life sciences, medical devices, healthcare, biotechnology and digital health technologies and has significant experience advising clients on capturing, protecting, commercialising and enforcing their intellectual property (IP) rights. 

Nominations are assessed on the following criteria:
  • Technical Merit: What is under development and how it differs from existing solutions?
  • Commercial Potential: What is the growth potential and target market for the company’s innovation?
  • Social Good: How does the solution make a positive impact on society?

The panel considers the extent to which each nominee:

  • Pushes the boundaries of new and innovative thinking.
  • Uses new systems, materials, processes and/or technology in a clever, imaginative, or original manner.
Past winner update 

EnGeneIC won Best Innovation from an Established Business in BridgePoint Groups 2019 Innovation Awards. EnGeneIC has developed a technique to deliver drugs directly to cancer cells without causing collateral damage and also improves the patient experience. Not a company to rest on its laurels, EnGeneIC has continued to strive for treatments including a recent scientific paper highlighting the ability of EDV Nanocells to mount a dual assault on cancer cells. 

Dr Himanshu Brahmbhatt is co-Chief Executive of EnGeneIC and the study’s senior author. He comments that “EDV™ treatment is not a piecemeal approach to cancer…” Clinical trials are underway evaluating EDV treatment in Australia. BridgePoint applauds EnGeneIc’s ongoing commitment to cancer treatments. 

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