Sydney Harbour was a glistening backdrop to the BridgePoint Group’s annual celebratory lunch for the 2021 Innovation Awards.

The celebrations took place at famed Sydney restaurant, Aria, and it was not only the harbour that was glistening, so to were the Innovation Award winners past and present, the esteemed judging panel and BridgePoint Group Managing Director Neil Parker.

The 2020 Innovation Award winners were;

  • Tarkine for Best Innovation from a Start-Up, whose owners live in Perth and were unable to attend the luncheon.  
  • Nuggett & Charlie for Best Innovation from a small business.
  • Tradiebot who took out the award for Best Innovation from an Established Business.  

 The judging panel for BridgePoint Group’s Innovation Awards consisted of:

  • Tony Shaw – Principal Patent Attorney at international law firm Allens Linklaters
  • Marco Tallarida, Strategic Director of B. Product
  • BridgePoint Group’s head of Innovation Advisory Alan Baghdasarayan
  • You can read their verdict on the winners here

Also in attendance were past winners Searsmiths who were picking up their trophy from lasts years’ win in the Best Innovation from a Start-Up business. Other attendees included past winners Iain and Rhonda Hogg, owners of Specialised Wheelchair (24 Hour Positioning) who took out the Innovation Award for Small Business in 2019.

Celebrating Innovation

The luncheon is a celebration of Australian businesses pushing the innovation agenda. The proof is in the innovations applied to their business. From taking ownership of the product way past its consumer use to promoting natural vegan-based products for skincare to adapting augmented reality to create efficiencies and create interest in the automotive repair industry. 

Couple that with last years’ Best Innovation from an Established Business, EnGeneIC developed a technique to deliver drugs directly to cancer cells and 24 Hour Positioning for their dedication to improving posture and safety for people with complex seating or positioning needs.  

The diversity that BridgePoint Group’s Innovation Awards recognise is incredible and shines a spotlight on Australian businesses pushing innovation as a real game-changer in their industries. 

Summing up and looking forward

The final word from BridgePoint Group’s Neil Parker – “the Innovation Awards is our way of recognising the range of businesses who are innovating and who have a bright future because they’re innovating. Innovation is essential for a business that is looking to grow and compete in markets here and overseas. The Innovation Awards are a chance to celebrate Australian companies at the forefront of innovation. Australia has always been an innovative nation from farmers being able to fix anything with fencing wire through to the Hills Hoist, the bionic ear and WiFi. We can’t wait to see the innovations that next years’ awards will showcase.”

BPG Innovation Winners past and present. L to R: Mario Dimovski; Paren Arzoomanian; Karin Arzoomanian; Iain Hogg; Rhonda Hogg; Nuggett McCabe.


L to R: Alan Baghdasarayan; Nuggett McCabe; Tony Shaw; Marco Tallarida; Neil Parker.
Searmsiths picking up their award for Best Innovation from a Start-Up in 2019. L to R: Alan Baghdasarayan; Tony Shaw; Paren Arzoomanian; Karin Arzoomanian; Marco Tallarida; Neil Parker.
L to R: Alan Baghdasarayan; Tony Shaw; Mario Dimovski; Marco Tallarida; Neil Parker.
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