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A Thought-Leadership Session with your executive team is one of the smartest things you can do for your business.

As a business owner or leader, it is hard to step away from the relentless churn of the day-to-day and take the time out to think. That to-do list stacks up at a frightening pace. So, it may feel counterintuitive when we say slow down to speed up.

Thinking time gives you the space to consider the big shifts – both internal and external – that are coming your way, the kind of changes that are capable of being both challenges and opportunities. And if you’re not doing it, then who is?

Change is a Constant

Whilst most people would agree that change is happening pretty rapidly these days and none of us is unaffected by that, few of us actually commit time to this important task called thinking. Why? 

We suspect it has to do with corporate culture – what we do around here. In most corporate cultures, a bias to action is viewed positively. “We are men and women of action, so why aren’t you doing something?” 

Yet, there is such a thing as “a busy fool”. All action and no real progress. In those same corporate cultures, taking the time to stop and think, to be calm and deliberate about planning may be confused for inactivity. Something we don’t have time for. Until it is recognised as something that will save you time and improve your results in the long run. After all, a well thought out plan is a precursor to efficient and effective action.

What are the benefits?

Conducting a Thought-Leadership Session creates the space that’s necessary to allow you and your executive team to stop what they are doing and think. To survey the landscape, strategise and plan, take in some external stimulus and challenge what you ‘know’. 

Thinking time gives you the ability to identify and address over-the-horizon issues, to drive your business to a better place sooner and with less risk. 

Conducting a Thought-Leadership Session gives your executive team explicit approval to operate at a higher level. To get their collective heads up, where we want them to be. 

To recalibrate. To reconnect them with the why, what and how. To bring up ideas and challenges, in the business, be they internal or external, practical or technological – anything at all really, that requires attention for today or the future. 

By fostering your team’s contribution and engaging them, solutions get discussed, developed and importantly embraced by your executive team. These ideas can sometimes lead you in an unexpected direction. Whatever they throw up, this process will help your team to develop a sense of ‘ownership’ and a clarity of purpose. 

Showing your openness to their ideas, your team will be far more likely to embrace the changes required by your businesses to make improvements and optimise your business.

What’s involved?

In your thought leadership session, we help your leadership team to:

  • Think about the big picture.
  • Develop a positive attitude to change.
  • Understand that your strategy is impacted by things you may have no control over.
  • Learn to spot the early indicators of a looming shift in the market.
  • Discuss the things they can see coming down the line.
  • Consider how your business is likely to be impacted.
  • Consider what to do about those things. 
  • Appreciate the importance of everyone operating at the right level.
  • Create an edge over your competitors and ultimately drive more revenue. 

Want to encourage your team to think outside the box?

Want to move ahead of the curve? To out-think your competition? Then, a thought-leadership session is just the thing for you. 

Ask BridgePoint Group to facilitate a Thought-Leadership Session for your business. Call us on 1300 656 141 or email

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