BridgePoint Group’s Business Advisory Service puts you back in the driver’s seat.

BridgePoint Group’s Business Advisory Service puts you back in control of your business, so you can drive it to a stronger position with less risk. The service works through four distinct phases including the exploratory phase, the diagnostic phase, the presenting phase and the action phase. Here is a rundown of each phase.

The Exploratory Phase

The exploratory phase involves an obligation-free conversation with the decision maker or makers in your business. This conversation allows us to understand what you want to get out of your business, out of this service and your level of commitment to make it happen.

The Diagnostic Phase

During the diagnostic phase, we get a clear understanding of you and your business. Where it is now, what the future looks like and where the gaps lie. We then determine a sequence of practical steps that will get you heading in the right direction, favouring those actions that have the highest probability of success and greatest ROI. 

The Presenting Phase

We formulate a roadmap outlining ‘the way forward’. We will help you direct your efforts in an effective and profitable way. 

The Action Phase

Great plans are just that. Savvy operators know that implementation is the key to success and many business owners want our help through this phase. 

Through regular interaction, we provide ongoing advice and support. We challenge you, support you, and give counsel as you break down the obstacles to success and move through different stages of change and growth. Moving at a pace that suits you, to create a growing and more profitable business. 

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