Success is What BridgePoint Group’s Grange Club is All About

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A recent celebration also marked the inauguration of the BridgePoint Group “Grange Club”. Intended to operate like a Hall of Fame, the Grange Club has been established to celebrate outstanding mutual success.

Team members Russell Debney, Mitchell Turnbull and Neil Parker can be seen enjoying a drop or two of Penfold’s finest with Duane Attree and Sarah Attree to celebrate the 2021 sale of Potential(x) to Beamtree.

Growing Businesses

Having been on the journey with Duane and the team since 2018, BridgePoint Group provided legal, accounting, tax and commercial support during the transaction.

Read about how BridgePoint Group helped in the transaction here.

How can you join the Grange Club?

BridgePoint Group is a big believer in rewarding client innovation and success in a meaningful and delicious way. If you’re not convinced of the benefits of innovating, then this may be the ultimate motivator.

If you would like to find out more about how you can join the Grange Club (Hall of Fame), please contact Neil Parker on 0422 120 921 or email neil@bridgepointgroup.com.au

Thanks to the team at Beppi’s Restaurant for hosting what will be the first of many such occasions. #success #team #transactionadvisory

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