A collaborative event hosted by BridgePoint Group and Carrington Associates.

Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning deep dive event.  Here’s how it unfolded. 

It was the first face to face networking event in 18 months for many of the forty people who attended the RPA, AI and Machine Learning session. The event was co-hosted by BridgePoint Group and Carrington Associates. What a relief it was to finally be able to see people face to face and catch up. The event was held at the Vibe North Sydney and included clients, staff from both host organisations. As well as partners (IBM RPA) and representatives from companies interested in RPA, AI and Machine Learning.

The event commenced with a brief introduction from BridgePoint Group’s MD Neil Parker and a similarly warm welcome from Carrington Associates MD Sachin Khisti

How RPA affects our daily life

It was straight into the fascinating presentation by Carrington Associate’s Varun Vijaywargi.  This included how RPA affects daily life now. How it is currently used in businesses (chatbots as one example), and example case studies on how efficiencies are improved with RPA implementation. Special guest Giuliano Fonte, head of Innovation & Process Improvement at Assetlink Group gave real world insights into Assetlink Group’s adoption of RPA, transforming traditional operations in their business (more on that below).

R&D Tax Incentives 

BPG’s Alan Baghdasarayan went through the various Govt Incentive packages on offer. The process to apply and the benefits of engaging experts to facilitate the process for you. Given the questions from the attendees, it seems that general knowledge and awareness of the R&D Incentives available to Australian businesses is underwhelming.  More than one client will be seeking Alan’s expertise on the application process for R&D Incentives. 

A robust Q&A session followed with the attendees keen to see how RPA, AI and Machine learning can fit into their business operations and the application process around for R&D Tax Incentives. 

BridgePoint Group asked Giuliano Fonte about the impact RPA, AI and Machine Learning on Assetlink Group.

“Early indications show an impact on the bottom line and help offset some costs to our clients and adding efficiency in our operating model. This comes from leveraging technology, AI and RPA to a certain degree. The use of these technologies, particularly in, for example, retail centres can impact the centres safety rating. This may lead to a reduction of insurance premiums and reducing our clients’ cost. Typically, cleaning and security are our clients’ main costs. My parents founded the business in the early 1990’s. As a 2nd generation in the business, my challenge is to disrupt how things have traditionally been done across many markets. Reducing cost pain to our clients by coming up with improved efficiencies. Then it’s all the better for the business and our clients, moving forward.” 

IBM RPA Partnership with Carrington Associates

Filip Lou Sr Technical Sales Specialist Business Automation at IBM. Technical lead for the Business Automation portfolio at IBM Australia.

“RPA is one of the pillars of IBM’s Business Automation portfolio. It is very much a growing portfolio – rules for the management of OCR and process modelling. RPA plus Process Mining is one of the fastest growing pillars in that suite. IBM has a partner network and Carrington Associates is one of the key partners, starting by implementing IBM’s Watson AI Based Solutions  and recently moved into this particular area (RPA).”   

As mentioned earlier, this was the first face to face networking event since early 2020. It was refreshing to see people and not have to worry about video quality, backgrounds or if you were on mute to ask a question.

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