Financial Modelling can bring as many benefits to Small Businesses as it does to large corporations that adopt it. The challenge for Small Businesses is how to incorporate it into their operations to maximize the benefits of financial models.

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Financial Modelling can be challenging for SMEs lacking the time, resources, or expertise to build and maintain their own financial models. And with the proliferation of Financial Modelling apps, SMEs may be tempted to bypass professional services, which is understandable.

Accessing a low-cost ‘crystal ball app’ that can help your business thrive sounds like a no-brainer decision. It’s appealing to any budget-conscious entrepreneur. However, while those apps offer convenience and affordability, they invariably fall short in the most crucial aspects of Financial Modelling. In other words, Financial Modelling apps have built-in limitations. They may be a waste of your time and/or give you false indicators.

You might be asking yourself, ‘If apps aren’t the best option, how can I find a good financial modeling service?’. Let’s delve into it.

Critical aspects of Financial Modelling for Small Business

  • Expertise and Experience: Professional financial modellers like BridgePoint Group possess specialised expertise and extensive experience in financial analysis and modelling. We understand the intricacies of different industries, regulatory requirements, and best practice. This depth of knowledge enables us to create customised models tailored to the unique needs and goals of each business.

  • Accuracy and Reliability: Accuracy is paramount in Financial Modelling, as even minor errors can have significant consequences. BridgePoint Group uses advanced techniques and sophisticated algorithms to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our models. We also conduct thorough analysis, validate assumptions, and stress-test scenarios to identify potential risks and opportunities.

  • Customisation and Flexibility: While online tools offer pre-built templates, they may be inflexible and may not accommodate the specific complexities of your business model. BridgePoint Group provides a high level of customisation and flexibility, allowing businesses to incorporate unique variables, metrics, and growth strategies into their models. This approach ensures that the model accurately reflects the business operations and objectives.

  • Strategic Insights and Recommendations: Beyond just creating models, BridgePoint Group offer valuable strategic insights and recommendations based on deep financial analysis. We help businesses interpret data, identify KPIs, and formulate actionable strategies to optimise financial performance and mitigate risks. This guidance can be invaluable for businesses navigating uncertain economic conditions or pursuing growth opportunities.

  • Long-Term Value: The value of a professional Financial Modelling service like ours outweighs any initial investment. A well-designed financial model can serve as a roadmap for success, guiding decision-making, securing financing, and attracting investors. All of our financial models are capable of being ‘dynamic’ (a fancy way of saying they can be kept up to date with live data, so they move with you). Additionally, we provide ongoing support and updates to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of the model as the business evolves.

The innovative methodology crafted by BridgePoint Group facilitates dependable, timely, and adaptable decisions in alignment with your business goals.

  • Fast Turnarounds: We know that when you want a financial model built for the first time, it’s probably time sensitive. Our process has been guided by the notion that ‘sooner is better’. We can turn your model around fast!

  • Dynamic Models: Our software talks to yours. This creates enormous efficiencies in the build process but more than that, allows you to drive value from the model for years to come – because it is always up to date. With powerful reporting capabilities, our models become a tool for ongoing decision-making, performance monitoring and management reporting based on the numbers.

  • Links to Real Performance: A model predicts outcomes, based on a set of assumptions. On its own, that isn’t enough to move the dial on performance. That comes down to behaviour. Referencing your unique critical success factors, key performance indicators and hurdle rates of performance, a BridgePoint Group dynamic financial model can be used to create alignment and accountability, at a level of granularity that suits your needs.

  • Reliable Support: When it’s all said and done, often you need to present the model to third parties – the Board, the Bank, the Investors, management. While you know your business better than anyone, we know the model. Your stakeholders want to trust the integrity of the model and how it converts data to information before they trust the output. Give yourself the time and space to perform your role, let us explain the model for you.

Take it from us, Financial Modelling works wonders; we rely on it in our business and wouldn’t go without it.

If you would like assistance in getting some financial modelling for your business, or to find out more about its benefits for your business, please contact us.

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