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Decisions you don’t take will bite you on the arse.

We’ve all been there. The moment that foolish pride gets in the way of good sense. Or, the moment we allow our heart to rule our head. At least that’s how we justify it, as we let ourselves off the hook. Yet deep down we know that good leadership is not about being perfect. It’s not even about being liked. It’s about respect and that comes from doing the hard things in good time, with good grace.


Situation 1
You know that you’re carrying a non-performer. But he’s ‘not a bad bloke’ or she’s ‘good for the culture’ or maybe he or she will come good, they just need more time.

But here’s the thing. You can’t afford to carry people. Not only do they fill a seat that could be more productive, you are actually putting pressure on the whole team. Now you’ve got 5 people doing the work of 6.

So, someone is getting held back, doing stuff that ought to be done by team member #6. And that pulls people down, right through the organisation, as if they are all tied together by a piece of string.

Good for you, you’ve avoided a tough conversation. You’ve kept the team together. But it will bite you on the arse. You will lose good people who are being taken advantage of. You will regret it when there are no dividends this year.

So, stand up and make the right call. Have the decency to call it now. Make a clean cut. It’s best for you and best for them.


Situation 2
You know that tough times are around the corner, but you just hope something will turn up and it’ll be OK. The truth? That rarely happens.

It’s why the big end of town are the first to cut jobs. If we’re being kind, it’s because they know that losing 10% of the workforce may well save the other 90%. A cynic might say that they’re just saving their own bacon.

Either way, it tells us something. A decision needs to be made or it will bite you on the arse. So, make it early enough to make the difference.


Situation 3
The illusion of perfection. You put off making a decision because you’re afraid to make a bad one. What will people think? Well, they already know you’re not perfect. You prove that every day. And if it turns out to be a bad decision, change it.

So, go ahead and make the decision or it will bite you on the arse. Nobody wants to be led by a ditherer.


Situation 4
Failure to ask for help. You swim around in your own s**t because that’s better than asking for help. One day you’ll get there. Like the bloke next door who takes 6 months to cut down a 30-ft tree with a hand saw. He saved a few bucks and he didn’t have to admit that he needed help. Good for you mate. Lucky you didn’t fall off the ladder. So, go ahead and make the decision because otherwise, chances are that it will bite you on the arse.


We know that leadership drives culture and culture drives performance. By definition then, if you’re interested in better results, become a better leader. If you need help to get started, e-mail us today or call 1300 656 141 for an initial conversation.


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