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Celebrate your innovation journey

BridgePoint Group has kicked off its inaugural Innovation Awards and has opening registrations from all businesses across the country.

As you are aware, at BridgePoint Group we’re passionate about supporting business innovation and growth.

As such, the Innovation Awards are designed to recognise and celebrate Australian businesses that develop innovative products, services and business models.

The Innovation Award nominations will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Technical Merit: What are you developing and how is it different from other solutions currently available?
  • Commercial Potential: What is the growth potential and target market for your innovation?
  • Social Good: How would your solution make a positive impact on society?

The judging panel consists of Tony Shaw (Principal Patent Attorney of Allens), Marco Tallarida (Strategic Director of B. Product), and Alan Baghdasarayan (Client Director of Innovation Advisory at BridgePoint Group).

The judging panel will consider the extent to which each Innovation Award nominee:

  • Pushes the boundaries of new and innovative thinking
  • Uses new systems, materials, processes and/or technology in a clever, imaginative, or original manner

Winners of the Innovation Award will receive:

  • Private lunch with our esteemed judging panel and owners at BridgePoint
  • One on one meetings with the judging panel members
  • Commemorative Award and recognition on BridgePoint’s website and promoted through social channels

Our early nominees include:

BridgePoint Group is extremely excited to celebrate the innovation achievements of Australian businesses, and we look forward to working with entrants to support their ongoing innovation and growth.

If you’re passionate about your business’ innovation journey, contact the BridgePoint Group Government Grants & Incentives team on 1300 656 141.


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