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BridgePoint Group Innovation Award Winners 2020

Innovation is at the heart of any successful business.

At BridgePoint Group, we recognise the importance of innovation through our Innovation Awards. The importance of a tweak that makes the ordinary extraordinary. Or the pivot that turns a thought bubble into an incredible opportunity. Innovation is the driver in the majority of companies success. We love to call out innovation and shine the spotlight on it that it thoroughly deserves. 

With that in mind, it is time to announce the winners of the 2020 BridgePoint Group Innovation Award winners. Congratulations to all companies who were in the running for the awards. You can read more about them here. The 2020 group of organisations nominated for the awards came from a diverse range of industries and its a credit to them for the innovation they have developed to get them to where they are today. We eagerly await to see how they continue to develop. 

Onto the BridgePoint Group’s Innovation Award winners for 2020. 

Best Innovation from a Start-up

The winner of the Best Innovation from a Start-up is Tarkine. Co-Founder Sam Burke saw an opportunity. Globally, hundreds of thousands of running shoes end up in landfill every year. Tarkine are pioneers in ensuring social, corporate, and ethical responsibility in a market that is dominated by big brands. With a mission of “Taking responsibility for the life cycle of running shoes”, Tarkine is a deserving winner of the Best Innovation from a Startup.

Best Innovation from a Small-Business

Taking out the Best Innovation from a Small-Business is Nuggett & Charlie. Their aim is to spread happiness through a luxury vegan skincare range. Founder Nuggett McCabe believes “healthy skin care can only be found in the power of nature, not in a lab”. Her handcrafted range of products caters for all ages, all skin types and for men and women. Congratulations to Nuggett for an outstanding range of products and an online business community that enhances the brand.

Best Innovation from an Established Business

Finally, the winner of the Best Innovation from an Established Business is Tradiebot,  for providing the automotive industry with a new reality. Tradiebot is an automotive industry leader in augmented reality, virtual training, robotics repair, and additive manufacturing of replacement parts. Working with key industry partners, universities, and government bodies, Tradiebot is a pioneer and fast follower of Industry 4.0 technologies, to showcase the very best of industrial innovation. Mario Dimovski, Tradiebot’s trailblazing Founder and Chief Creator, recognises that industries need to work smarter, faster and be more agile to accommodate the rapid changes in market demand. A deserving winner of Best Innovation from an established Business award for 2020. 

Again, all our thanks to every company nominated in the BridgePoint Group Innovation awards 2020.

Similarly, a massive thanks to our esteemed judging panel who had a very hard task this year in picking the winners.

Thank you to Tony Shaw, Marco Tallarida and BridgePoint Group’s own Alan Baghdasarayan

For further information contact Alan Baghdasarayan on 1300 656 141 or email him directly –

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