At BridgePoint Group we treasure innovation and all it stands for. Pride, passion, idea formation and bucket loads of hard work to bring the innovation to life. Which is why BridgePoint Group’s Innovation Awards 2020 celebrates the best of the best in Australian innovation.

A quick review of who’s in mix for this years award.

In previous articles we have gone through the companies vying for the BridgePoint Innovation Award 2020. These companies include include:

  • Tarkine – who are on a mission to create the world’s most eco-friendly running shoe.
  • Citotop has commenced a journey of R&D to bring to users its innovative Switch Chair.
  • The Oyster Shade, for brilliantly lighting up Australia by helping people redecorate oyster light fittings with a simple cosmetic fix.
  • Nuggett & Charlie is an Australian owned and operated luxury organic vegan skincare provider.
  • TruTeq is the technology supplier of choice for partners who want the best of breed technology to support their own products.
  • Poche prides itself on providing exceptional quality and service. Specialising in computer numerical control turning and milling.
  • AIRDOCS is an Australian global subscription cloud-based Customer Engagement Management platform.
Another company nomination this year is SolarD, for revolutionising SPF skincare.  

SolarD wants to change the SPF landscape and help people improve their lives with new technologies, whilst still protecting them with old ones. As over 1 billion people worldwide are considered vitamin D deficient and traditional broad-spectrum SPF screens out up to 99% of all UV light from the sun, including the UVB light we use to make vitamin DSolarD wanted to change the status quo. 

SolarD‘s Patented Vitamin D SPF Technology is specifically design and formulated to allow our bodies to naturally produce vitamin D without sacrificing the SPF. SolarD‘s mission is to offer all skincare with an SPF the chance to use its ground-breaking technology through private label and licensing opportunities.

Since the invention of sunscreen in 1938 and water resistance in 1977, sunscreen hasn’t changed at all. Modern science has discovered that a vitamin D deficiency can lead to a knock on of health issues. By developing a best of both worlds product, Solar D has solved the issue by allowing some of the UVB light to penetrate to your skin, increasing Vitamin D. While still offering SPF 50 (or SPF30) protection from the suns harmful rays. Any skin care product product that carries an SPF can use Solar D technology, an enhancing technology that has been embraced globally.

In a very wide and varied field, the judges will have their work cut out for them. They will be considering the technical merit, commercial potential and social good of all nominee’s. And the judges will also see who has pushed the boundaries of:

  • New and innovative thinking
  • Developed innovative systems, materials, processes or technology
  • Embraced innovation in a clever, imaginative or original manner
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