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Managing You Through a Crisis

It is too early to say if the last 3 months will be the most stressful ever for many business leaders. 2020 has thrown up a few left-field challenges for us, as business people and as humans, to overcome.  Remember the bushfires in January? Then came the floods. Then this…

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High Value Adding in Manufacturing – the Next Great Frontier

BridgePoint Group recently spoke with Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre’s (AMGC) National Director of Industry, Michael Sharpe.  The discussion ranged from Australian manufacturing, the sovereignty of manufacturing and where the future of Australian manufacturing lies. In this second part of the series, Michael talks about how the time is right now to generate momentum…

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People – the Forgotten Manufacturing Input

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated once again that Australian manufacturing is not dead – in fact, having been forced to reinvent itself, it is just starting to find its groove. Talk of “economic sovereignty” only helps, at least in the short term. I introduce that caveat because whilst there is…

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