Industry 4.0 is allowing Australia to have a reshoring rethink. This should boost the manufacturing sector into producing high-value goods for export.

Bridgepoint Group recently spoke up with Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre’s (AMGC) National Director of Industry, Michael Sharpe.  The discussion ranged from Australian manufacturing, the sovereignty of manufacturing and where the future of Australian manufacturing is positioned.

In this first part of the series, Michael highlights four key points looking for a smarter approach to research & manufacturing.

  • Australia’s Small Medium Enterprise (SME) manufacturing community is very strong. Other countries that have big manufacturing firms do not necessarily have a rich mixture of SME’s manufacturing, one of our nation’s strength. When we have needed to pivot, we’ve been able to do it very nimbly and effectively. 
  • Manufacturing represents 10% of the Australian workforce (1.3 million people) so it’s significant to the Australian economy and is going to be incredibly significant to the Australian economic recovery, conversations right now are turning to what is on the other side of the pandemic.
  • We are blessed to have some of the best researchers in the world right here in Australia. A key initiative of the AMGC is to breakdown those barriers between researchers and industry to help with such things as design engineering, right through the value curve, to sales and marketing. 
  • These changes will get our researchers onto the factory floor, working and partnering with industry to develop world-first technologies and world-first products that we can take to the world.

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