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You can find and keep good staff with a recruitment strategy

Stop whinging and do something about it – learn how the tricks to good recruitment.

So many times business owners tell me “It’s impossible to get good staff these days”.

With respect, that’s bullshit.

Not only that, but it’s self-fulfilling bullshit. If you say it enough times, and if enough people nod their head and say “yeah, I know!” then it will become rusted-on wisdom.

If you want to get good staff and keep them, like anything else worth doing, you need a recruitment plan.

You have to work out what good staff want and position yourself to give it to them. It’s no good fishing with prawns if they eat worms. And in this instance, the worms aren’t a metaphor for cash – it’s the whole experience of being employed by you.

If getting good staff is a priority for you – and why wouldn’t it be – give it some priority. You have to work on it. It won’t turn around overnight, but it will turn around.

You have to be able to articulate your:

  1. Strategy
  2. Business plan
  3. Employee value proposition

Why? People want to work for an organisation that’s going somewhere. They want to be able to identify with the journey and participate in it and naturally, they want to know how to contribute and what’s in it for them when they do.

To your:

  1. Employees
  2. Candidates
  3. Employment agents

Why employment agents? Put simply, they are the ones who see the best candidates and you want them to be excited about sending good people to see you. If they can’t speak enthusiastically about your organisation, about your future, then why is the candidate going to come and see you? They could get an interview with a sexy brand in swanky offices down the road. Give them a reason to be intrigued.

So, what do your staff (and candidates) want?

  • “Love” – caring, respect and attention
  • Belonging – where are we taking this business and how can I participate?
  • Opportunity – to work on the good stuff, to work with the best, to experience stuff that helps me advance my career
  • Future – a jointly prepared career plan – if you are interested in them, they will be interested in you
  • Development – training, mentoring, feedback
  • Reward – yes, cash but also other forms of recognition, it could be as simple as saying “thanks”

Of course, this does take some time and effort.

Like gardening or parenting, the effort you expend in hiring and developing your people will enable you to reap long-term rewards – employees who are engaged and productive, and who want to develop and be part of your business growth.

As a bonus, less staff turnover means less “starting over”, not to mention recruitment fees.

So, stop the self-fulfilling BS – you can get good staff. You just need to take the time and effort to plan. Think about what your potential employees want from you, and plan how you can deliver it. Your mission – make it a place where you would be happy for your kids to work – what would you want for them?

Inspired to do something to change your circumstances? Your strategy and business plan are the foundation of what you can offer potential staff, so contact us on 1300 656 141 if you need help to develop or articulate them.

As a business advisor and owner, I can also share some insights into how BridgePoint Group delivers on our plan to get and keep great staff.


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