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6 Simple Tips to Keep Your Team on the Ball

Keeping your team motivated can sometimes be a tricky thing in business. There’s often a heavy workload and the pace can be frenetic. Motivating your team to be constantly involved and do more is always top of the agenda.

To make that happen you need to provide more than the good salary with perks.

The thing is that they need to enjoy the environment in which they work. Have good relationships with their fellow work mates. Feel that they are part of a good team. And as a result of that, you as an employer want to hear that simple phrase that’s uttered everywhere from employees when all is well, ‘yeah, it’s a great place to work!’ This is part of the motivation story. So to get your team in that frame of mind, here are 6 invaluable tips on how to apply motivation in the workplace.

Share your company’s vision

It’s important to let your staff know exactly what the vision of the company is. Once they are aware of the direction and the opportunities and success that will come their way, then the motivation and enthusiasm becomes part of their work ethic. It’s important that they are constantly updated on the growth of the company, making them feel part of the success of the business.

Communicate with your staff

Unless you keep in constant communication with your staff, you can’t learn about ideas, attitude or their concerns. It’s good practice to use every opportunity to interact with them, and in no time at all you’ll discover many ways of organising your activities more successfully.

Make your staff feel appreciated

It’s a known fact in the work place that one of the greatest needs of every staff member is to feel appreciated. Very often appreciation is a much greater reward than money. You can simply do this by showing your sincere gratitude for their special contribution to the success of the company.

Champion new ideas

If you show plenty of enthusiasm and encouragement, each team member will feel empowered by the opportunity to not only implement day to day tasks, but will suggest new ideas and make them a reality. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results and the ideas that will flow once you give them the initative.

Provide tasks that challenge

It’s a simple equation that your staff won’t grow if they are constantly doing the same thing over and over again. It’s a great idea to let them develop their new skills by giving them tasks that really offer a challenge. At the same time, make sure that these tasks are reachable and are always in the staff member’s interest.

Get their creative juices flowing

Supervising your team doesn’t mean that you should be controlling them every step of the way. It’s vital to make sure that all the organisational activities are implemented at the highest level. Provide everyone with the freedom to find different and unique ways to solve problems with creative solutions. Enable them to think outside the square and you’ll be amazed at how their ideas can transform your business.  


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