Our client, a prominent player in the hospitality industry faced a pressing challenge related to their future cash flows. The lack of visibility into their financial projections hindered their ability to plan effectively. On top of that, despite the monthly management reports, they lacked the guidance and support necessary to make sense of the data.

To tackle the issue head-on BridgePoint Group Accounting constructed a weekly cash flow forecast that projected ahead for a span of six months. This dynamic sheet could be easily adjusted, considering the latest developments in the business landscape. The beauty of this forecast lies in its flexibility, allowing us to alter the expected occupancy rate and observe the corresponding impact on cash flow. By analysing various revenue types and direct costs, we provided our client with a powerful tool to anticipate and manage their financial position. But that’s not all.

We provided ongoing support and guidance through weekly calls to present the cash flow forecast and discuss the company’s position. This regular interaction enabled our client to stay informed and make informed decisions based on real-time financial insights.

Furthermore, we implemented a monthly meeting dedicated to providing the client with a detailed analysis of the company’s financial performance. This comprehensive review allowed us to identify areas for improvement, and suggest focused changes required to bring down costs and increase revenue.

The client now boasts a newfound understanding of their cash flow dynamics. Armed with this knowledge, they have been able to take proactive actions to secure funding and make targeted adjustments in their operations. This strategic approach has not only improved their financial stability but also paved the way for increased revenue and reduced costs.

Our tailored solutions brought clarity, control, and confidence in our client’s financial outlook, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive their business forward.

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