Innovation Awards 2020 – Celebrating Australian Business Innovation

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BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards 2020 – Supporting Business Innovation and Growth. 

Our passion for supporting business innovation and growth has not stopped in 2020. 

The BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards are back, bigger than ever. Let’s look at two more companies nominated for this year’s award and our esteemed judging panel. This week we introduce Marco Tallarida from B.Product.  

The BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards proudly celebrate Australian businesses at the forefront of developing innovative products, services and business models. 

In this update, we will profile two companies – TruTeq and Poche Engineering – who are nominees in BridgePoint Groups Innovation Award for 2020. 

TruTeq, your trusted wireless technology partner

TruTeq is a proudly privately-owned technology supplier. It is the choice for partners who want the best of breed technology to support their own products. TruTeq supplies and supports a number ofTelcocommunication networks and banks around the globe. TruTeq is customer-focused and has a long-term commitment to relationships and growth.

All TruTeq products are based on our internally developed GAIN platform. This results in seamless integration between products which brings new value to customers. TruTeq builds the final solution around each customer needs. Such a move to customer-led actions rather than traditional vendors shoehorning their own products into a customers demand, whatever the cost or loss of efficiency. This has led to TruTeq being able to guarantee a high level of customer support, without expensive forced upgrades and customisations which are quick to market, stable and not expensive.

With an R&D niche in mobile fintech, TruTeq develops best of breed mobile banking platforms. Their build-to-customers-needs approach has allowed customers to utilise a technology that is scalable and easily deployable. That technology is TruTeq’s bespoke GAIN platform. That makes TruTeq a very worthy nominee for BridgePoint Group’s Innovation Awards 2020. 

Poche, for engineering Australia

Poche has been around for over 82 years, and prides itself on providing exceptional quality and service. Specialising in computer numerical control turning and milling, and works with induction hardening, general machining, welding and fabrication.

Poche proudly manufactures parts for the mining, agricultural, materials handling, rail, aeronautical and marine industries. Located across 3 sites, Poche has a team of 40 people that help Australia move forward.

Poche’s clients include Sandvik, CNH, Clark Equipment, RailCorp, Maintrain, Don Clark Tractors. Based in the growth region of southwest Sydney, Poche looks likely to be supplying quality, competitively priced components for the next 82 years. 

Let’s see who the judges are and what criteria they assess.

The judging panel comes from a wide and diverse range of backgrounds. 

We introduce Marco Tallarida, Strategic Director of B. Product.

B.Product is an award-winning product design firm based in North Sydney. Marco uses a combination of design, engineering, and craftsmanship to help people turn a dream into a beautiful product.

His has a vast experience that he uses to help his clients throughout their innovation lifecycle, including product design, prototypes, patent illustrations, product visualisations, packaging design, and product manufacturing.

Marco provides invaluable advice regarding the application of human-centred design processes and the importance of ensuring cognitive solutions from all stages of ideas, development, and manufacturing.

The judging panel assess the nominations based on the following criteria;

  • Technical Merit: What is being developed, and how is it different from existing solutions?
  • Commercial Potential: What are the growth potential and target market for the company’s innovation?
  • Social Good: How does the solution make a positive impact on society?

Also, the panel considers the extent to which each nominee:

  • pushes the boundaries of new and innovative thinking
  • uses new systems, materials, processes and/or technology in a clever, imaginative, or original manner

Look out for further updates around BridgePoint Groups 2020 Innovation Awards in the near future. Here are previous nominees in the 2020 Innovation Awards.

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