“What can I do as an employer, in relation to my workforce?”

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We ask Russell Debney, Commercial and Corporate Lawyer at Bridgepoint Group, a question that seems to be on everyone’s lips at present. We have recorded his response.

It may be ten minutes of your day that provides a clear pathway for your business in how you handle decisions around your workforce.

Russell’s key points are outlined below.

  • Cash flow and forecasts are affected by salary and wages components. Make sure your forecasting is prudent.
  • Remember the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards still apply. As do any industry awards. Be familiar with the requirements of the Fair Work Act and the relevant industry award applicable to your employees. Seek advice now to avoid liabilities down the track.
  • Discuss with employee’s and try to come to an arrangement that works for both parties. This is the most ideal outcome. The arrangement can be documented and applicable for short or long periods.
  • Laying off employees, such as the Qantas example, who used Section 524 of The Fair Work Act. Staff are laid off but still have their job. Act properly, and make sure you have clarified that Section 524 applies to your business to avoid having to pay accrued pay and entitlements down the track under litigation.
  • Termination under the Fair Work Act in some instances is an option. It has to be handled in accordance with the employment contract and/or Award.
  • Employers can take advantage of the Government’s “Cash flow assistance for business”. The Federal Government has upgraded the assistance package for small and medium businesses (turnover less than $50m) announced last week.

The rules still apply, they may have changed in terms of operation but providing you do things properly, you will be fine.

If you need assistance or clarification on employment issues please contact BridgePoint group.

Listen in here for more details and advice.

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