Unveiling Good Tea Co – BridgePoint Group Brewed to Launch

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BridgePoint Group recently had the pleasure of working with the Good Tea Co assisting to launch its range of premium organic teas and tisanes into what is a burgeoning market

Whilst a small operation, the Good Tea Co team are excited about the future and taking its slice of a growing category.

Nick Berry, co-founder of Good Tea Co said their inspiration for the came from a desire to help others do good for themselves and the world around them.  “Tea has long been seen as a calming fix; good influence on our health.”

“In such a fast paced world, we don’t always approach our own health or the health of our environment in a calming and positive manner. We’ve combined the calming elements of tea with the positive impact of sustainably sourced organic ingredients, and packaging to create Good Tea Co”, Nick said.

BridgePoint Group team were instrumental in launching  Good Tea Co to market, providing a range of services. They worked with them on considering and establishing the corporate structure of the business, registering business names, lodging trademark applications to protect the brand, and establishing a shareholders agreement.

Nick commented: “The beauty of BridgePoint Group is that all of the services are under one roof. The team worked together internally to create a streamlined process, that allowed us to focus on getting the product to market in a short period of time.”

BridgePoint Group’s Managing Director, Neil Parker said: “We are excited to have assisted in launching Good Tea Co to market and include them in our expanding portfolio of food and beverage clients.  It is great to see new Australian businesses coming to market with big plans for the future.  Were also now proudly serving Good Tea Co product to our clients!”

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