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What’s good for you, is good for us. This is why attaching training bonuses is part of our staff development.

Let’s face it, your career is ultimately your responsibility. No one else can truly take responsibility for it. 

In an industry like ours, which is about selling knowledge, you have to acquire and accumulate the requisite knowledge. That’s why learning about yourself, about the world around you and the technical aspects is really valuable.

In a competitive and fast-moving world, if you are not constantly learning and growing your skill set, you are not moving forward. If you are not moving forward, you will inevitably fall behind. 

At BridgePoint we feel it is important to keep our team constantly sharpening their skills.

Individual Bonus for Structured Learning

So, why does BridgePoint Group attach an individual bonus to the structured learning that is effectively something that’s required for you to do anyway? Stuff that you should want to do for yourself, anyway?

Well, there are a handful of reasons:

  • It flags what’s important – our entire business relies on our people being able to help our clients, being valuable. In a world where you can Google anything, interpretation and context are the difference. That’s a lifelong commitment and we want that thirst for knowledge to be a strong part of our culture and to become a part of you. This is about forming good habits that serve you well in your career.

Which leads us to our next point. Our Culture. 

  • Culture of constant learning – a strong protocol of structured learning allows us to hire for personal traits and alignment of values. Our belief is that if you have the right attitude to learning, we can teach you the rest.
  • It’s a nod to our responsibility – we talk a lot about our responsibility to our team, to guide them and nurture them and teach them how to be successful in their chosen career. We know that not everyone will stay forever. But when someone leaves, as sad as that is, they will always leave better for the BridgePoint Group experience. It’s one of three key accountabilities for our managers, whose standard is described as ‘love your team’ just as a parent loves their child. Our managers are all committed to having stewardship of and taking a share of the responsibility for this part of their team’s careers. 

Dale Carnegie famously wrote, “You can’t make a man do something he does not want to do, you have to make him want to do it” (Carnegie, 1936). Ignoring the lack of political correctness in that quote (it was 1936), what does that mean in this context? It means that nobody can force you to learn, they can only provide you with the opportunity and encouragement to do it. You still have to bring the motivation and commitment. Those that do, quickly realise that the monetary reward is only symbolic of the real bonus, which are the lessons learned and the habits formed.

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