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This is going to be your year – EOFY brings new hope to all business

Much like January 1, when we promise ourselves to eat better and exercise more, the new financial year brings with it the chance to turn over a new leaf. The chance of a fresh start.

So, what are your new-year resolutions? Here are mine:

  • To drive service levels still higher
  • To find process improvements that lead to greater efficiency
  • To generate more leads for our business
  • To have our most profitable year ever
  • To eat better and exercise more!

Feel free to hold me accountable to those. Now, talking about your year – I can’t impress upon you enough the importance of getting off to a good start.

Getting off to a good start helps to build confidence about the year ahead. And it helps to build momentum. I think it was Jim Collins who noted that momentum in business is a funny thing – it’s hard to get it happening but once you do, it’s very hard to stop it.

So, I would recommend that as the leader in your business, you focus on laying down good result after good result. That means that your focus – at least so far as your team is concerned – needs to be about 80% on the here and now and 20% on the stuff that will kick-in 6 months’ down the track.

It also gives you a chance to praise your team. You may not realise the position you have and the effect you have on your team, but take it from me, as their leader, your team desperately wants to please you. So, take every opportunity to recognise a job well done. And most importantly, say ‘thank you’ and watch them try even harder next month, because it feels good to get the recognition!

The other thing to note is that it doesn’t just miraculously happen. Behind every resolution is a plan. Behind every plan is accountability. So, if like me, you want to have your most profitable year ever, how are you going to do that? I suggest breaking your plan down into small, manageable steps. And keep it front of mind – if goes into the top drawer, it will only gather dust!

Good luck for the new year. New hope. A fresh start.

Lead well.


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