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Cash isn’t the same as profit. Cash is King!

We all know that even a highly profitable business can fail because it runs out of cash. But, how are cash & profit related and how can they be such different things? Profit does not equal cash… Let’s look at the numbers. There are only two places that any transaction…

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Liquidation relief extended as 33% of businesses struggle

Govt Extends Business Liquidation Grace Period The Federal Government has extended the temporary relief measures introduced to save businesses from going under during the coronavirus pandemic. Due to expire on 21 September 2020, the insolvency and bankruptcy “grace period” is being extended until the end of the year. In a…

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Can you claim a business tax loss?

In the now distant days of December 2019, we were all eagerly anticipating the year 2020. Ok that didn’t quite turn out as expected… A new decade, a fresh start. There was a collective feeling in the business community that 2020 would be ‘our’ year to strike out. To grow….

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