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Is there a Safe Harbour from Covid-19?

BridgePoint Group’s Russell Debney provides a steady hand when diving into solvency and directors’ liabilities in these stressful times.  Not as far as the health of you and your family is concerned. So continue to follow all of the social distancing and other hygiene recommendations from the medical experts until…

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COVID19 – Let’s build a collective toolkit

Our objective is to create a forum not only for the BridgePoint Group community but all Australian businesses, to help each other deal with the business threats posed by COVID-19. We’ve seen our community come together to help drought and bushfire victims. Now the threat is more intimate, the selfishness…

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Get some rubber on the road – collect your Q2 cash

How important is collecting cash in Q2? Well, it never seems to take long for someone to say “can you believe it’s October already?” The smart-alec in me wants to say “well, yes, it happens this time every year.” But I know what they mean – the days, the weeks…

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