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Get some rubber on the road – collect your Q2 cash

How important is collecting cash in Q2? Well, it never seems to take long for someone to say “can you believe it’s October already?” The smart-alec in me wants to say “well, yes, it happens this time every year.” But I know what they mean – the days, the weeks…

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The Cash-Flow Roller Coaster of Small Business

One of the patterns we see in small business is this rollercoaster effect with cash flow. Some months there seems to be plenty to go around, other months it’s a real struggle. And if you’re in this position, it’s bloody hard to grow your business at the pace you would…

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5 Ways to Reduce Sporadic Cash Flow

Maintaining consistent cash flow is a never-ending issue for many businesses, especially smaller ones. Cash ebbs and flows in accordance with how busy you are – or at least, how busy you were a couple of months ago!  During busy periods, your cash flow will be better, with plenty of…

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