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What you need to know about ‘Force Majeure’

What is force majeure? How does force majeure impact your business? If you have been unable to meet your contractual obligations during this last year because of COVID shutdowns and restrictions, can you avoid your commitments, or even terminate the contract since you have not been at fault? And can…

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Liquidation relief extended as 33% of businesses struggle

Govt Extends Business Liquidation Grace Period The Federal Government has extended the temporary relief measures introduced to save businesses from going under during the coronavirus pandemic. Due to expire on 21 September 2020, the insolvency and bankruptcy “grace period” is being extended until the end of the year. In a…

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Making Advisory Boards Work for You

Ever wish you had some people to bounce stuff off? Neil Parker, BridgePoint Group Managing Director reckons there are two types of businesses – those that have an advisory board and those that should. “There is only one thing that disappoints me more than poor performance and that’s the complacency…

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