Here are some key facts regarding the Australian Government’s Research & Development Tax Incentive scheme.

Covid has created a lot of uncertainty. Some clients have pulled back on their research & development.

Companies that doubled down on R&D during this time have really come out better than the ones who decided not to.

The time spent in lockdown focusing on their R&D has led to them producing innovative new products and services. They are now in a much stronger position now that the market has started to open up. In fact, the money spent on R&D during the lockdown period is starting to reap rewards and the Government’s Research & Development Tax Incentive scheme is a chance to get some of your investment returned.

If you have spent money on research and development and would like to access the Government’s R&D tax incentive scheme, then please call Alan Baghdasarayan on 0418 957 003 or email –

One call can change it all. 




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