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The countdown to the BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards is on. 

With the award winners’ announcement slated for January 2022, we look at an organisation (Cherrp) that is providing an innovative solution to pest control in the agricultural sector, a solution that will increase yields by preventing produce loss. This is achieved without harming the feathered felons who have the potential to decimate crops, leaving farmers without income. Work is also being conducted in the commercial sector, where bird damage to public and private infrastructure, costs hundreds of thousands of dollars in maintenance and repair.

Cherrp is being recognised for developing an innovative pest control system and providing sustainable bird management solutions.

Recognising that current bird management solutions are ineffective in reducing loss of crop & produce yields and infrastructure damage prevention, Cherrp looks to acoustic technology to solve the problem. Currently producers have options which include netting fruit trees (expensive and high maintenance) blast noises, predatory alarm calls, laser deterrents and even the old-fashioned scarecrow. Birds adapt very quickly to these deterrents and before long the deterrents are part of environmental norms. 

Cherrp? Cherrp?

Cherrp is an organisation that provides unique and customised solutions to the ongoing and long-standing problem of habituation and the coexistence of bird species and human-kind. Cherrp’s innovation is an adaptive audio solution. The solution is an organic bird communicator. The Cherrp solution identifies the bird(s) present in the growing area and triggers a bird communication to deter the birds. The solution recognises birds by species and speaks to them in their own language. This reduces the habitation problem, where birds become undeterred by introduced sounds.  

Dedicated to research

Cherrp is dedicated to innovation, research, design and incorporation of new technologies to deter birds from the damage they cause to productive horticulture and both public and private infrastructure. They have formed a successful, effective and beneficial strategy for many industries, combating the problem of bird habituation. They have developed an innovative pest control system which doesn’t cause harm to birds but saves crops, horticulture produce and public (& private) infrastructure. 

Considering that the value of horticulture in Australia is $15 billion a year, any increment in production has a positive impact for the economy and the wellbeing of fruit eating humans. 

Cherrp is a major sponsor of the Bird Advocacy Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation championing bird welfare. 

We welcome Cherrp’s involvement in BridgePoint Group’s 2021 Innovation Awards

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