BridgePoint Group’s client Pacific Retail Management (PRM) has been awarded a listing within Smart Company’s recent ‘Smart 50’! How did they get there and can your business join them there next year?

This well-deserved result caps off a truly amazing 12 months for the company. Amid international interest from Dubai, Hong Kong and the Philippines, the company is poised to hit the 50-store mark here in Australia and remains focussed on growing its local presence with more stores and the launch of its wholesale business, Sushi Tribe.

Speaking after receiving the award, CEO Nicola Mills says it hasn’t always been easy. “It took longer than I thought to get the business on its feet, but once we hit that point, we really started to take off.”

Neil Parker, BridgePoint Group’s Managing Director works closely with the Pacific Retail Management team and has helped the team ride through and grow in what has been one of the toughest retail markets on record, an incredible feat and well deserving of the market recognition.

In Neil’s role working on the advisory board of PRM, he is instrumental in helping the PRM team to develop and implement the strategic agenda that provides the organisation with the momentum to continually drive the business forward. The hard work and passion of the team has been at the cornerstone of their success and the award is a testament to their dedication.

The Smart 50 awards are based on average revenue growth over the past three financial years. Entrants had to have revenue over $500,000 and show positive growth each year to be eligible for the Smart50.

The business owners we talk to often feel they have their hands full just keeping up with everything that needs to get done. Putting an Advisory Board in place is a great way to take that pressure and reliance off you. The Advisory Board will help you to see the things that you can’t see, ensure that your business is focussed on the things that matter and give you a springboard and the confidence to act.

BridgePoint Group provides Advisory Board, outsourced Financial Controller, tax and accounting services to Pacific Retail Management. To find out how an Advisory Board could help you to grow your business, please click here.


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