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Innovation Award nominees span a range of industries

Innovation is a necessity for business growth and, more broadly, for sustained economic growth. At BridgePoint Group, we’re passionate about supporting innovative Australian businesses. We’ve introduced the BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards to recognise and celebrate Australian businesses that develop innovative products, services and business models.

Here’s some background on our nominees:

auSTATE, for moving Australia

With over 30 years of experience in the transport and distribution industry, auSTATE continues to be a driving force behind enhancing Australia’s mobility solutions. By constantly investing in innovation, auSTATE has become a pioneer in the design and development of bespoke counterweight trailers, oil waste vessels, towing system, plant trailers, and mountable A-frames.

auSTATE’s most interesting innovation to date – the design and development of a highly specialised trailer for transporting racing pigeons.

auSTATE’s owner and GM, Victor Vella, prides himself in filling a niche in the transport and distribution industry. Victor’s commitment to R&D has made him a serious contender for this year’s Innovation Awards.

Tradiebot, for providing the automotive industry with a new reality

Tradiebot is a proud Australian company that is both a pioneer and fast follower of Industry 4.0 technologies, working with key industry partners, universities, and government bodies to showcase the very best of industrial innovation.

An automotive industry leader in augmented reality, virtual training, robotics repair, and additive manufacturing of replacement parts, Tradiebot is a pioneer in the development of digital platforms and automated systems that can exponentially enhance efficiencies.

Mario Dimovski, Tradiebot’s trailblazing Founder and Chief Creator, recognises that industries need to work smarter, faster and be more agile to accommodate the rapid changes in market demand.

Pablo & Rusty’s, for making the world a better place one cup of coffee at a time

Pablo & Rusty’s is a Sydney-based coffee roaster that is relentlessly committed to making the world a better place. Sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee in the most sustainable methods possible, Pablo & Rusty’s is part of a small and growing group of B-Corp certified companies in Australia. They are also part of the Carbon Neutral program investing in tree planting and rebuilding biodiversity hotspots.

Pablo & Rusty’s runs its factory on solar and works closely with farmers and suppliers, with the goal of eliminating waste in the coffee supply chain.

Being highly focused on technology and innovation and inspired by design, Pablo & Rusty’s methodology finds the right balance between science and art.  Pablo & Rusty’s wants to continue creating a positive impact on our planet and its people, and to be an example to other businesses.

Peakhour.IO, for making our websites safer, faster, and reliable

Peakhour.IO is at the cutting edge of innovation for providing websites with enhanced security to defend it from a wide range of threats, better performance to amplify user engagement, and increased reliability to improve uptime and responsiveness.

Unfortunately, common infrastructure to achieve these results is beyond the reach of small businesses, resulting in a never-ending struggle to compete for online visibility and guard against cyber-attacks.

This is where the Peakhour.IO’s innovation steps in, providing small businesses with the means necessary to achieve a faster and secure website that improves rankings and attracts loyal users.

The Myrtle Trading Co., for developments in propagating and growing the Queen of Australian Botanicals – Lemon Myrtle

The Myrtle Trading Co. is based out of the Bundjalung Lands, an ancient sub-tropical rainforest region stretching from South East QLD into Northern NSW. It is across this pristine 6,000 kilometre region that The Myrtle Trading Co. is growing, managing and processing what is referred to as the Queen of the Australian Botanicals – Lemon Myrtle.

Lemon myrtle, formally known as backhousia citriodora, has long been used by Indigenous Australians both in cuisine and as a healing plant. Although its antibacterial and medicinal properties are yet to be proven within the realms of western medicine, lemon myrtle oil is a popular ingredient in health care and cleaning products, especially soaps, lotions, skin-whitening preparations and shampoos. Meanwhile, lemon myrtle leaves end up in food products such as cakes, gins and cups of tea.

By designing and developing innovative solutions to maximise the yield for its global customers, The Myrtle Trading Co. is able to share the riches of our iconic land with the rest of the world.

Searsmiths, for providing ordinary Australians with extraordinary steaks

Searsmiths is a Sydney-based company that is aiming to provide the ordinary Australian with extraordinary steaks that otherwise can only be sourced from specialty steakhouses.

Having developed The Forge from commercial-grade stainless steel, Searsmiths has raised the stakes in the grilling industry by using top-down radiant burners that provides even heat distribution for grilling steaks at 900oC. Grilling at these temperatures means that the steak is cooked in 5 minutes, providing the perfect sear on the outside while the steak retains its juiciness on the inside. The Forge provides the everyday Australian with an opportunity to bring high-end restaurant quality meat to the family barbie.

EnGeneIC, for revolutionising the treatment of cancer

EnGeneIC is a Sydney-based company that is aiming to revolutionise the treatment of cancer through the targeted delivery of therapeutic agents directly to cancer cells.

EnGeneIC’s bacterially-derived EDVTM nanocell platform (EnGeneIC Dream Vector) is a first-in-class, cyto-immunotherapy technology for the treatment of cancer. EDVTM not only delivers toxic payloads to tumours, it stimulates the adaptive immune system to augment the anti-tumour response. Furthermore, EnGeneIC is the sole owner of over 410 granted patents worldwide and this covers the complete EDVTM technology for the development of cancer therapeutics.

EnGeneIC is currently undertaking a Phase 1/2a clinical study of targeted cytotoxic immunotherapy for patients with advanced-stage pancreatic cancer.

24 Hour Positioning, for improving clients’ mobility and lifestyle  

24 Hour Positioning is a Sydney-based company that is on a mission to provide postural management solutions to encourage participation, increase comfort and improve the quality of life for people with a mobility-related disability. 

Unlike other providers, 24 Hour Positioning is an occupational therapy service with a person-centred approach aimed to protect and restore body shape. 24 Hour Positioning aims to identify how equipment in sitting and lying helps to meet a person’s individual goals and changing needs to improve the quality of life.

24 Hour Positioning is currently working on the design and development of a new end-to-end solution that provides people with mobility-related disabilities with the proper positioning they require throughout the entire day.

If you’re driving innovation in your business, we’d love to hear about it and celebrate your achievements.

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