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Hard Work is the Shortcut

People work stuff out at different rates.

Sometimes, a particular experience forces you to contemplate some matter and as a result, you work that bit out before everyone else. Other times, you have had no reason to stop and think about it, so you don’t.

It was like that for me with the so-called ‘secret to success’. Only when asked what I thought the secret was, did I begin to contemplate it.

A good place to start, I reasoned, would be to think about those around me who have experienced a measure of success. Was there any common behaviour, any common trait that might hold the clue to success? Could I contrast that to the behaviours and/or traits of seemingly less successful people?

It’s fair to say, there is no probably no right answer, no secret per se.

Persistence, adaptability, clarity of purpose, perception – sure, all those things are elements of success.

What intrigued me about the question though was this – people want to think there IS a secret. Because if there is a secret and they can learn what it is, they can go ‘straight to GO and collect $200!’ Just like that! It’s the reason people buy a Lotto ticket each week. Maybe they will take a short-cut to success (or riches, anyway).

In contemplating all that, here is what I reckon I learned – HARD WORK is the short cut! If you are prepared to work hard, consistently, you will achieve success far sooner and far greater than those that ‘chase rainbows’.

So here is my advice. Find what you are good at – check that someone cares (i.e. people want what you’ve got) and stick at it. Work hard. Constantly evolve and improve, innovate if you can, so you do it better than the next person. Keep working hard. Follow this path and you too can be an ‘overnight success’.

They are my thoughts on the matter. What are yours?


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