Am I the only one who is sick of seeing Malcolm Turnbull’s smug-looking face in the newspaper?

Does he think he’s clever?

I get it – fanning the flames of his discontent will almost certainly give rise to a ‘quotable quote’ and there you have tomorrow’s news item.

You can’t blame any journalist for dangling that sort of bait in front of him. The article is written and they’re done and dusted by 4pm. The beer is cold this time of year.

But he reminds me of the little kid who gets given out in the playground and then makes off with the bat. If Malcolm can’t bat, then he’ll see to it that no-one will!

Notwithstanding the way in which he was dumped – and he probably has a right to feel privately peeved about that, just as Tony Abbott did before him by the way – it’s pretty disappointing to see him taking pot-shots at his old colleagues when grace, class and dignity dictate that if you’ve got nothing nice to say, you ought to say nothing.

I think Mr Turnbull’s behaviour says more about him than it does about them. There’s a difference between choosing not to help your old team and choosing to actively undermine it. To my way of thinking, it exposes character flaws that confirm he was always unfit to be our Prime Minister.

But here’s the thing – for me this isn’t about Labor or Liberal – this is about the team we call Australia. We ought to realise by now that whilst we’re fighting amongst ourselves, others are taking the opportunities that ought to be ours.

And so I say this –

Malcolm, you’re out. Now, give us back the bat and let us get on with it.


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Neil Parker
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