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Getting More Done

As a small business owner, there is always pressure to get more done.

And you can.

We know how hard it can be, so we’re not going to preach but here are a few things you can do to start to break that cycle of constant busyness.

1  Write down what you do

Commit to delegating those parts that could be done by someone else. To put that another way – ideally, you should only be doing the stuff that nobody else can do.

2  Make sure that you are efficient

We can slip into the habit of doing things the hard way. One-by-one, reform the processes in your business that are inefficient and document the new efficient processes so everyone knows what to do. That is, don’t repeat your mistakes.

3  Simplify your business

What are the things that take a disproportionate amount of time for the results they generate? Consider eliminating under-performing products, services, channels, customers or suppliers.

As with anything, don’t overload your people with too much change all at once. Expect that it will take time for the new systems to be implemented and become ‘business as usual’.


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