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Get the inside running for your innovation journey

BridgePoint Group is passionate about supporting business innovation and growth and has introduced Innovation Awards to recognise and celebrate innovative Australian businesses.

We’re thrilled that the Innovation Awards will be judged by a panel of experts in their fields.

The Innovation Awards winner will get to spend one-to-one time with each of our judges, giving them the inside running on issues related to their innovation journey.

Marco Tallarida

Marco is the Strategic Director of B. Product, an award-winning product design firm. Marco uses a combination of design, engineering, and craftsmanship to help people turn a dream into a beautiful product.

Having been in the industry for over a decade, Marco has a vast experience that he uses to help his clients throughout their innovation lifecycle, including product design, prototypes, patent illustrations, product visualisations, packaging design, and product manufacturing.

Marco provides invaluable advice regarding the application of human-centred design processes and the importance of ensuring cognitive solutions from all stages of ideas, development, and manufacturing.

Tony Shaw

Tony is a Principal Patent Attorney at Allens, a leading international law firm with a long and proud heritage of shaping the future of its clients, people, and communities in which they work.

Although Tony specialises in life sciences, healthcare, biotechnology, and digital health services, he can provide clients across multiple industries with advice on capturing, protecting, commercialising and enforcing their intellectual property rights.

Tony offers substantial expertise and advice in relation to intellectual property, from initial registration to its enforcement.

Alan Baghdasarayan

Alan is the Head of the Government Grants & Incentives division at BridgePoint Group, a team of industry experts who have the necessary insights, business skills and experience to help you to create success in your business and in so doing, meet your individual needs and goals.

Alan has over a decade’s experience providing clients in a range of industries including information and communications technology, finance, engineering, life sciences, and fast-moving consumer goods with innovation advisory consulting services.

Alan can provide advice regarding how to best plan your innovation activities to maximise your R&D budget by accessing a variety of Government grants and incentives.

If you’d like to celebrate your innovation journey as well as boost your innovation efforts through individual meetings with Marco, Tony, and Alan, enter the BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards today.

If you’d like to discuss how BridgePoint Group can support your innovation endeavours, contact us on 1300 656 141.


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