Protect your skin

After meeting Jason Sprout, there is no way you would think that he has gone through the medical wringer to the extent he has.

This is a man hellbent on saving lives. Saving lives of people he will never know and never get thanked for. It has been quite a remarkable journey for Jason since being diagnosed with stage IV metastasis melanoma in 2004. (Read Jason’s Journey here)

Mates Against Melanoma

As part of Jason’s recovery he established Mates Against Melanoma, a charity that seeks to raise awareness of getting regular skin checks to prevent melanomas becoming life threatening. Jason decided the best way to help himself was by helping others, so he started Mates Against Melanoma. Melanomas, if identified early, can be successfully cured. With early detection of the key, Jason has launched Australia’s National Skin Check Day (ANSCD) and it is coming up on 24th February 2022. 

Australia’s National Skin Check Day is a day to increase the awareness of skin cancers and get yourself checked. The ANSCD encourages the public to book a skin check with a trained skin check doctor, GP or a dermatologist. ANSCD invites doctors to register and be listed on the ANSCD website so that finding a local doctor is easy and getting your skin checked is a hassle free experience. 

What can you do?

If you run a business with staff who work outdoors, ANSCD strongly encourages you to get your staff’s skin checked. Like putting on a hard hat or steel capped boots, Jason recommends that applying sunscreen should be part of the company’s health & safety policy. Given what Jason has endured, you can see why he is adamant about preventing skin cancers with others. 

BridgePoint Group is a partner with Mates Against Melanoma and ANSCD. We believe that prevention is the best cure, not only in business but in health. 

BridgePoint Group is also a proud supporter of Gift of Life Foundation. Gift of Life’s mission is to encourage more Australians to register to become organ donors which will in turn enable more transplant procedures.

We encourage you to support both organisations and the amazing work they do in making Australia a healthier nation. Stay protected this summer.

As Jason says, “Make Prevention A Healthy Habit & Don’t Delay Book Your Skin Check Today”

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