All you need to keep in mind at Christmas time: Part 3, Want to know what Christmas expenses are tax deductible?

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Christmas is certainly known as the season for spending but as a business there are expenses that can be tax deductible and can have the GST claimed back. We’ll take you through what’s deductible and claimable and what’s not.

  • Gifts that are not in the nature of entertainment will be tax deductible and the GST component can be claimed.
  • Any Christmas party costs that are exempted from FBT because they are exempt property benefits or because they are minor benefits are not tax deductible and no GST can be claimed.
  • The cost of entertaining clients is not subject to FBT and those costs are not tax deductible and no GST can be claimed.
  • If you are using the 50/50 method, 50% of meal entertainment costs are not tax deductible and 50% of the GST cannot be claimed.

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