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EnGenIC’s Innovation Receives New Honour

BridgePoint Group Innovation Award winner, EnGenIC receives new honour from the Australian Financial Review. 

BridgePoint Group warmly congratulates EnGenIC, the winner of the 2019 BridgePoint Group Innovation Award (Best Innovation from an Established Business) on being recognised in the prestigious AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies list. 

EnGenic’s innovation has not stopped and during the COVID-19 pandemic the team  broke new ground by creating a single vaccine that protects against all COVID-19 mutants. This vaccine leverages their EDV nanocell technology that was originally designed for cancer therapy. 

This is very clearly a significant achievement and this latest recognition of their ground-breaking work does not surprise us at all. 

You may recall, we recognised EnGenIC as an amazing team doing extraordinary work back in 2019 when judges awarded them the BridgePoint Group Innovation Award (Best Innovation from an Established Business) for their new technique of delivering drugs directly to cancer cells without causing collateral damage. The technique also improves patient experience which was revolutionary.

Many definitions of innovation exist, but for the ARF BOSS Most Innovative Companies list they describe innovation as “a change that adds value.” EnGenIC has certainly punched above its weight for a small company and has shown unswerving determination, intelligence and agility, three great qualities that are hallmarks of success. 

We take this opportunity to heartily congratulate EnGenIC on their achievements to date and we look forward to seeing the next raft of innovation to come from their amazing work. 

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