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Claim Your R&D Tax Offset Now!

Australia’s R&D Tax Incentive by the numbers.

If you are a business that has invested in research and development in FY20, or want to know how to claim the tax incentives, then you need to read this article. Now.

Did you know 30 April 2021 is the last day to claim the R&D tax incentive for FY20?

Claiming the ATO’s R&D Tax Incentive is a complex process. If you are not aware of its vagaries it can seem hardly worth the time and effort. The criteria have legal requirements to be adhered to as well. While the ATO has guidance in place as well as examples to consider in the application process, to the uninitiated, it becomes too complex and the temptation is to let it go.

Did you know ~70% of eligible businesses do not claim R&D tax concessions!?

Considering the process is complex, it makes sense to engage an expert to assist you in successfully negotiating the process. BridgePoint Group’s Alan Baghdasarayan is an expert in the field and has handled many R&D Tax incentive applications for our clients. 

Are you one of the 70% of eligible businesses that have not lodged an R&D Tax claim for FY20? Can you afford not to receive a return for your R&D endeavours?

Did you know the average value of claims lodged by BridgePoint Group last year was $225,404?

It makes sense to engage an expert in times of need. If your hot water stops working, you get a plumber. Feeling unwell, you see a doctor. So take the painful cost of R&D and offset it with the government incentives around research and development. 

Start the process with a simple number…

One – the number of calls to BridgePoint that it takes to find out if you are eligible.

All it takes is one call to BridgePoint Group (1300 656 141) or send Alan an email (alan@bridgepointgroup.com.au). That one enquiry could put cash back in your pocket. 

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