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BridgePoint Group 2022 Innovation Awards Nominations

We’re pleased to say it’s a diverse and exciting range of nominees for the BridgePoint Group 2022 Innovation Awards. We have chosen companies that demonstrate novel thinking and ingenuity from varied sectors.

First things first, let’s look at the judging criteria and our esteemed judging panel 

Each company’s innovations are judged against the following criteria: technical merit, social good and commercial potential. Other considerations are the extent that each nominee stretches traditional thinking and innovates to solve or meet an unmet demand or problem. This includes clever implementation and original thinking.

Our judges are Tony Shaw, Principal Patent Attorney, Allens Linklaters,  Marco Tallarida, Strategic Director of B. Product and Alan Baghdasarayan, Head of Innovation Advisory at BridgePoint Group.

Recapping last year’s winners

Before we share this year’s nominees with you, let’s recap last year’s winners who are GemKom, Andi Health and Pablo & Rusty’s Coffee Roasters.

GemKom is solving a problem in the medicinal cannabinoid sector, namely the renowned lack-of-consistency in the levels of active ingredients in final products. Andi Health is making proactive health the norm with a platform that allows people to steer their own health through personalised health guidance, powered by their own health data. Finally, Pablo & Rusty’s Coffee Roasting created a cold coffee which can be served straight from a can or keg and a nitrogen production method that has allowed them to create a delicious cold creamy drink which is lower in calories than the milk alternative. 

Our 2022 Innovation Award nominees are a diverse bunch

We are showcasing a fascinating line-up of companies. From fast-moving consumer goods, health and agritech products and services, communication, and technology services. Let’s start with a sector renowned for its innovation, agritech. 

Cherrp® is a leading environmental organisation that provides unique and customised wildlife management solutions. The Cherrp® solution identifies the type of bird present and designs a communication recipe in response to deter the bird with effective results. The calculated method is proving a successful solution for the Agriculture and Mining Industries. 

We have four innovators in the IT Services space vying for one of the BridgePoint Group’s 2022 Innovation Awards.

The first of them is Carrington Associates, a specialised software services business that designs and delivers cutting-edge solutions for their clients in the areas of Cloud, Mobility, IOT, Machine Learning, Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence. Carrington endeavours to teach machines to help humans become more effective at their jobs. In doing so, they are striving to build real intelligence behind artificial intelligence and are one of the very few players in this space. 

TruTeq is the technology supplier of choice for partners who want the best of breed technology to support their own products. They supply and support a number of LTE, 3G, 2G and CDMA Network Operators. Headquartered in Australia, TruTeq offers its services throughout the Asia-Pacific region and Africa. TruTeq is the technology supplier of choice for partners who want the best-of-breed technology to support their own products. 

ViMedia has developed a global first with an interactive, digital survey and data collection unit, deployed as a network of handheld charging kiosks. This invention is known as klackit. This new leading digital outdoor media company, klackit is trailblazing new forms of audience engagement and high-involvement interaction to provide an unavoidable high impact advertising offering like no other. 

Airdocs is committed to helping businesses manage outstanding, highly personalised & targeted multi-channel client correspondence, making clients feel special. Airdocs’ Clever Correspondence platform does not feel like a bunch of cobbled together products, in contrast to more traditional vendors in the CCM space. It’s simple to create and deliver mass communications, customised to each person, and sent according to preference be it digitally or in print.

UtiliOS makes a bespoke software-as-a-solution (SaaS) for smart water metering and energy solutions that helps enhance any smart water metering or any smart gas metering solution. UtiliOS provides easy access to data via a highly intuitive display. The customisable portal allows clients to view their assets and data in multiple ways, so they can genuinely understand usage. UtiliOS can improve demand management, generate excess use alerts, streamline billing, and help with maintenance administration and operational efficiency. 

Looking for gut-health restoration? Momma Kombucha could have the product for you. An artisanal food brand from Balgowlah that markets kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, soups and dips, Momma Kombucha has a focus on optimising and restoring gut health. They pride themselves in being different from other store-bought brands because their kombucha is “alive.” The healthful, artisanal approach of Momma Kombucha founder Natalie, helped heal her son’s health issues by developing these ‘living’ drinks and foods.

Solar-D Derma-Tech have shaken up the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) landscape by formulating their ground-breaking Vitamin D SPF technology allowing bodies to naturally produce vitamin D, without sacrificing the SPF protection. Solar-D made it a mission to change the SPF landscape, whilst helping people improve their health with their new patented SPF technology. 

Planning a getaway to Vail, Aspen, or another premiere snowfield? Well, SnowPak will change your skiing experience. Gone are the days where, in order to hit the slopes, you have to book separate services across a multitude of platforms. The team at SnowPak has created a one-stop shop with everything you need to plan and book your next ski trip. Choose from bestselling resorts across the world and SnowPak will help bundle lodging with lift tickets, rentals, and transfers all in one deal. 

Good luck to all our nominees. We will provide updates over the next few months with the winners announced in December 2022. 

If your business is innovating and you would like to enter BridgePoint Group’s Innovation Award, please send an email to Alan Baghdasarayan or call 1300 656 141.


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