We’ll tell you more in 5 minutes than your old accountant has told you in 5 years

Chartered Accountants trained to think of the business not just the numbers

“With knowledge of her competency, thoroughness, attention to detail and work ethic our decision to work with Sue has been fully vindicated.”
John Elwin, Managing Director………Print Media Distribution

We’ll work with you to not only ensure you fulfil all of your accounting and reporting obligations but to achieve maximum information value too

BridgePoint Group provides access to a full range of accounting services across taxation, superannuation, management and business accounting services.

Whether you’re due to lodge your tax return or you want to ensure your accounts are in the best shape they can be, the BridgePoint Group Accounting team know your business and have the skills, experience and knowledge to ensure that you are on the right path.

The truth about your business is always reflected in the numbers.  Our team of motivated and qualified Chartered Accountants are trained to think of the business, not just process the numbers.

With experience in strategic planning; business plan development; succession planning and estate planning the team work closely with our other business units such as our Advisory and Executive Support specialists to create sustainable, profitable businesses.


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