Work at a Boutique Firm Like BridgePoint Group Over a Large Practice?

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Are you a builder or an occupier? This simple question really defines the people who work at BridgePoint Group.

Satisfaction and accomplishment or sit in the chair ‘til the day is done? The challenge to a lot of ambitious people building their careers is choosing the right firm to better your prospects and future skill set. There are a couple of alternatives. Work at BridgePoint Group or…

You can choose to work in a large firm. You will have a job to do. Most likely many years of being a small cog in a big wheel, day-to-day processing type work, limited client contact with the prospect of getting in the queue and moving up the corporate ladder one step at a time. There’s a lot of hope in that. You will hope your manager will encourage you to grow, you hope that they or others won’t block your aspirations and you hope that you will be dealt some favourable hands in the corporate-office-politics game that is played from the first day you set foot in the place ‘til you leave (or get moved on).

Hope is a mighty ambiguous term, especially when it comes to something as important as your career, your self-esteem and your personal wealth. 

If you are in a day-to-day processing role like that you are occupying a seat. A seat which will always be there. It is just the bum sitting on it that changes. You’re not really building or contributing in any meaningful way. Some people are content with that and the world needs all types to function. 

The key differentiator between an ‘occupier’ and a ‘builder’ is pride.

A builder is someone who wants to take on challenges and add new strings to their bow. They grow their role by taking on extra tasks and projects. They want to learn about business so they can offer informed opinions to clients. Insights that will help a business grow. They want to delve into a client’s business. The builder gets satisfaction from making a difference. 

Good organisations empower employees.

They listen to ideas. They coach, guide and assist their people to become their best-professional selves. Working hand-in-hand with senior experienced managers on solutions for clients provides hands-on experience that no amount of structured training could ever provide. 

This is the vocational opportunity that BridgePoint offers its people. It gives them a chance to grow, a chance to learn about business, a staff training program that not only covers the technical accounting training but guides its people to provide value to its clients. 

BridgePoint Group also has the runs on the board in helping clients grow. They help the owners of those businesses set themselves up for life. Either through expansion, consolidation or selling the business at the maximum price the market affords. The opportunity to sit with and provide your input to business owners and to have that input considered, is a daily occurrence for our team. The satisfaction gained from those interactions is very important to our team members as they grow from every interaction. They grow because they are learning and putting those learnings into action, daily. 

So, if you are ambitious and want to be a ‘builder’ in your professional career, then give us a call. We have a fully kitted out toolbox ready and waiting for you.

Contact Neil Parker – neil@bridgepointgroup.com.au or call the office on 1300 141 to discuss your career aspirations.

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