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Updates to JobKeeper Payment Scheme

Federal Govt Provides Additional Clarification to JobKeeper Rules and Eligibility There has been an overwhelming take-up of the Federal Government’s JobKeeper program, introduced to support businesses significantly affected by COVID-19 to help keep their employees employed. To date, more than 900,000 businesses expressed interest in the JobKeeper payment and more…

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Government Stimulus Packages – The Ultimate Guide

Where do you start to assess your stimulus options?  The past month, barely a day goes by without another announcement. Lockdowns, stimulus packages and other announcements have dominated the news at both State and Federal level. It’s enough to make your head spin!  The breadth of support has been wide-ranging….

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PM’s Rent Relief – It’s the Lease We Could Do

A mandatory code for the provision of rent relief – but who ultimately pays? Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s announcement of the new mandatory rent relief code emphasises that the lease has become sacrosanct in Australian business. So, keeping the lease, keeping tenants in their place of business and preserving the…

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